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Fracter Review: A deeply engaging atmospheric puzzle game

Fracter is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game that is filled with melancholy imagery, haunting music, and complex puzzles. Anyone with an affinity for games that challenge the brain and provide a unique storyline is in for a treat.


Go on a dark, atmospheric puzzle-filled journey with Fracter [Game of the Week]

4L Games’ Fracter features atmospheric gameplay that has a lot in common with Playdead’s dark platformers Limbo and Inside, with the title also borrowing elements from Monument Valley — especially when it comes to shifting perspectives and inventive puzzles. 


An Oscar-nominated animator made a simple mobile game that tackles complex themes

Sanatan Suryavanshi’s career as an art director for TV and film was going well, but he couldn’t shake this one idea that he knew was beyond the scope of either medium. He wanted to explore darker, more mature themes in an interactive format.